Elizabeth May - Commercial Photographer | The Outer Hebrides
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The Outer Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides is an archipelago of remote islands to the north of the Scottish mainland. They are considered to be the main stronghold of the Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic) language. Visitors will find that the rugged, marshy, and mountainous islands of Lewis and Harris are an incredible contrast to the relatively flat, heather-covered islands of North/South Uist, Benbecula and Barra. Take along wellies or gaiters if you decide to explore the countryside; one surprise step might land you knee deep in a marsh! Keep an eye out for ancient standing stones and wild ponies, and be prepared for fast-approaching storms coming in from the sea.

Callanish – Isle of Lewis

Callanish – Isle of Lewis II


Harris II

North Uist

North Uist II

North Uist III

Sea Cliffs – Isle of Lewis

South Uist

South Uist II

South Uist III