Elizabeth May - Commercial Photographer | St Bernard’s Well
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St Bernard’s Well

I tend to find myself drawn to St Bernard’s well when I’m in need of a small respite from my work. It sits on the serene and stunning Water of Leith Walk, a short distance from Dean Village. While I was tempted to combine the walk and the well for this project, I figured it best to keep them separate since both are so deserving of their own entries.

On rare occasions, the door leading to the inside of the well is open to visitors; I’ve been in the pump room once to see the stunning stained glass and marble interior, with its domed ceiling mosaic decorated with stars.  I even pumped some water from the river, which was historically believed to have healing qualities. I wish I’d had my camera on me then! 😉

The statue standing in the centre of the well is the Roman goddess of health, Hygieia, depicted with her cup and snake. She truly is a lovingly carved statue, and I was fortunate indeed to see her this week bathed in beautiful golden, winter light.