Elizabeth May - Commercial Photographer | Arthur’s Seat
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Arthur’s Seat

It’s a pretty widely known fact that I frequently visit Arthur’s Seat — I have a large collection of photos to prove it! 🙂 But since this project is all about trying new things and spreading my wings creatively, I took a trip up a snow-capped Arthur’s Seat this week to watch the sunset there for the first time. Let me just say, seeing the sun set the sky ablaze over Edinburgh is something I will never, ever forget. The incredible colours across the snow-dusted landscape was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. I’m so glad I made the effort up the very icy, slippery route to summit (with help from Mr. May!) and braved the chilly winds to see it. If you ever come visit the city, this is a must see any time of day, but that golden light really is magnificent.